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Babies 4-20 months

From 4 months onwards your baby will be gaining strength. Most babies usually are able to hold their head up, start to sit up unaided and their little personalities are developing more each day.

This phase of their life is one of the best times to have photographs taken as their expressions are priceless, ever changing and you are getting glimpses of the little person they will grow into.

Make sure their session is fun but relaxing by bringing along favourite toys, blankets and any ‘comforters’ that make them feel confident and happy.

We love babies and are highly skilled at not only making them feel relaxed and secure but coaxing beautiful smiles and contented giggles that will delight you at the shoot. The end result at your viewing will melt your heart and fill you with pride. Don’t miss recording this all too brief moment in your babies’ story.




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